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Recent Changes
January 2022
  • Prize-Giving Report now has a more consistent layout, including being able to choose the displayed columns.
  • Rebranded the "venues" page as "My Account" to make it clearer that it shows some global settings for my account.
  • Removed the pop-up error message on the Timekeepers page when there is no Optimum Time.
  • Removed the Health Declaration option on Event Settings
  • Results report for Tetrathlon classes allows results for each phase
  • Trot-up report layout as requested by Wendy
  • Enhanced security for data APIs
  • Calculation of prize money under BE 2022 rules
  • Select logos to appear on footers of reports
  • Performance enhancement to the Section Results and Live XC Ticker
  • Easier to create a bespoke event page logo
  • More to follow...
Recent Changes
February/March 2022
  • Withdrawn Entries report now gives both rider and horse name of the replacing entry
  • Prize Money report now has rider subtotals and a report total
  • You can select up to 5 logos to be printed along the bottom of many reports
  • Dressage Analysis has been incorporated into the Results report
  • Dressage Judge Name pop-up enhanced (EventingScores and DressageResults only)
  • Re-activated the Equine Health Declaration
  • Launched league tables for Horse Events and Northallerton EC
  • Summary Report for scorers and officials
  • Import dressage scores from HS Sports
Recent Changes
April 2022
  • Live Display page now shows the "Enter a number" field at the bottom by default with an option for you to move it to the top
  • Live Display page now synchronises fences between two listeners
  • Horse Breeding now shown on Control Slips, Trot-up reports (public and commentator versions) and the Edit Entry page
  • Export results data to Badminton website
  • Results report can show sub-headings for each non-completion/phase e.g. Withdrawn before Cross-Country
  • Times page can run a section's dressage over more than one day (more needed e.g. on Sectioning)
  • Running Orders from Times page can be formatted for Badminton. Where dressage is over 2 days, it puts a page break and a heading
  • Reports have the option to hide the event name and/or the report title
  • Reports have wider top/bottom margins for letterhead
  • Can undo a Horse Inspection score given in error
Recent Changes
May 2022
  • Results report has more options for FEI events
  • Can now un-archive an imported excel file (bug fix)
  • Reports can have a different top margin on page 1
  • Events can now choose to display owner names on the results pages (if you imported owners in the first place)
  • Verify Scores page now lets you undo a verification with a double click, it shows the marks for 2+ dressage judges separately and the font is bigger on the buttons
  • New CrossCountry App logo
  • Import stabling information and use it to inform sectioning/times
  • Report headings enhanced
  • Export results pages to Amazon S3 for large events
Forthcoming Changes
On the list to be done:
  • Improve the unwated logouts
  • Optionally show Special Prizes on Running Orders
  • Copy an existing entry
  • Make it easier to put the Times by Branch page as an Event Page link
  • FEI Results Classification report
  • And probably a few other bits as well
BE Prize Money Calculator
The BE Prize Money Calculator is available for you to use here.
Timetable Planner
The Timetable Planner is available for you to use here. You can save your timetables if you are logged in.
Dressage Calculator
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  • Riding Club rounding rules?
  • No of Judges
Your Scores
  • Judge 1
  • Judge 2
  • Judge 3
  • Judge 4
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  • Percentage
  • Penalties
Dressage Crib
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  • Maximum Marks
  • How many judges
  • Riding Club rounding rules?
  • Start at this %
  • Go to this %
Cross-Country Optimum Time
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  • Speed
  • Distance (metres)
  • Too Fast Penalties
  • Too Slow Penalties
  • Penalty-free window
  • Time Limit
  • Time Format
  • Optimum Time 4.27
Blank Master ScoreSheets
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Fence Judge Sheets (A4)
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