About Us

This website has been created by Miranda Collett to provide a means of delivering live, provisional results to competitors during horse trials. It does not contains the final definitive results - these are shown on the British Eventing website.

Sources of Information

Lists of entries and provisional results are sent to this website from the event during the day. Updates may be received hourly or every few minutes - this is up to the event. If they have problems such as losing their internet connection, they will stop sending results. Sorry, but we can't do anything about that.

Use Eventing Scores for your event?

If you would like to know more about this website and perhaps how you could use it at your event, please contact Miranda Collett. During 2016, there is no charge for the use of this website however there may be an equipment hire fee if we need to provide your event with computers, internet connections and/or large screens.

Faulty results?

If you think that your results on this website are incorrect, you should contact the event (usually through the event secretary) in the first instance. Scores can only be altered on this website on the instruction of the event scorer.

Other services

These are some of the other websites that have been produced by Miranda Collett

Do get in touch if you are interested in having an event website like these

What do we need
More to follow soon about the kit you need to use this system. to add 3 monitors to your PC Usually cheaper on ebay